Black Lives Matter, blinded by their racism, condemns a heroic act protecting a young black girl.

“Ma’Khia Bryant’s life mattered.” Oh yah BLM? More than the life of the girl she was about to possibly kill?

Like many other justified police shootings, such as that of Jacob Blake and Michael Brown, BLM expressed condemnation of the police officer who recently shot Ma'Khia Bryant and due to their racist blinders they expressed it before assessing any of the evidence.

BLM was founded by a (now) millionaire Marxist. Every time a black person is harmed by a white person, the first thing that BLM does is assume that the cause for that harm was motivated by racism — and regardless of any evidence to the contrary that comes up after the event, the black person is always considered innocent. I don’t know of any black person who has been taken off their growing long list of martyrs, despite some of them being clearly guilty of some abhorrent crime in the process that they were harmed. The fact that they have behaved in this way regarding this incident is not surprising; it is predictable. How any rational human being who isn’t a bigot continues to view BLM as a sane and virtuous representation of black people and their interests is beyond me. Again, either they are a bigot or they haven’t investigated the history of BLM, their politics, and how they have responded to various events.

It’s exceptionally tragic — because not everything they wish politically is bad, some of it is good, at least usually in a different form than they promote. Like police reform: good. Defunding the police: bad. The fundamental ideology they promote though—some monstrous child of Marxism and Critical Race Theory—is ignorant and pernicious.

Many people think because they named themselves Black Lives Matter that they must have the best interest of black people in mind; but it isn’t that simple and people shouldn’t judge a movement by the slogans they use. That’s foolish. It’s obnoxious, being black -- and not an irrational bigot -- constantly witnessing white people who think that they are being anti racist by standing behind a delusional racist political cult.

The biggest winners from Black Lives Matter are some leaders and activists who are getting rich or advancing their career off the white guilt and the belief by many white people that chanting a slogan of a racist cult is virtuous. The biggest losers are other black people who have their neighborhoods destroyed by riots fueled by the delusional rage that BLM spreads, black people who buy into the myth that they cannot succeed in America due to racism, white people who are losing their jobs because they inadequately affirm the dogma that is being spread around corporations and universities, and everyone else that feels they must gag themselves lest they become the next victim of the racist witch hunts.

BLM has a bigotry toward white people so great they can’t even honor a white person who saves the life of a black person if that white person happens to be a cop and another black person was killed to protect the black person whose life was saved. Their racist worldview totally poisons their capacity to make rational judgements about things as clear as what happened in Columbus. We have the body cam footage. In slow mo. The cop’s act was heroic. Their reaction is abhorrent and shameful. Anyone who continues to support them knowing their reaction are racist loons. Not another dollar from white guilt should pass into their greedy hands. I’m sure their millionaire Marxist founder could make up for any loss of funds. If she weren’t a fraud.

If you want to help the lives of black people, there are many other organizations worthy of your donations, such as And if you really have the need to hashtag something that could actually move the needle of justice forward regarding the history of black people in this country, try #THEDEMOCRATICPARTYOWESREPARATIONSFORSLAVERY