Objectivity and seeking the right answers is a white thing

At least according to some crazy racists.

Objectivity and seeking the right answers is a manifestation of White Supremacy.

This isn't an Onion article. This is real. Neoracists are seeking to establish universal human virtues as White, declaring it sinful, and discouraging black people from developing the skills and perspectives that are necessary to thrive (well unless you are a political activist).

I am a software engineer. My job largely consists of meticulously understanding the structure of algorithms. There are absolutely objectively correct answers when understanding algorithms. If I thought algorithms were a tool of white supremacy, I cannot imagine how I could develop the skills necessary to understand them. The notion that "objectivity" in mathematics is white is so perversely racist and stupid to me that I don't understand how it is not equally obvious to other people. Yes, we can have philosophical discussions about the nature of mathematics--for example the ontological significance of numbers; but this has absolutely nothing to do with racism and it should absolutely not be taught in a dogmatic fashion or under the delusion that it is anti-racist. "White" (and "black") philosophers were questioning the ontological nature of mathematics since Pythagoras. This is so utterly stupid.

If we abandon the notion that there is no objective world out there, we automatically throw ourselves into a world that is nonsensical and irrational; even the claim that there is no objective world becomes nonsense -- because after all, what sort of claim is it that there is no objective world? Is it objective? No? Then there could be an objective world, but just subjectively objective? Really? Are we on acid? Its perverse this post modern nonsense (which was actually generated largely by WHITE academics) is being promoted as the solution to disparities in black academic achievement. It is so tragic that post-modern, marxist pseudo-intellectualism(how can we call it intellectualism when they don't believe in objectivity?) leaked from academia into popular culture and politics. It was somewhat fascinating to observe it when I was getting my Philosophy degree while it was locked up in dusty libraries and lecture halls, but now that it is roaming the streets it is just scary.

No, black student's don't need to be taught it is White to be rational and Black to be irrational so they can equally compete in an irrational world; they need to be taught that is virtuous to be rational and simply equip them with the environment necessary to support the development of their rational faculties. If a person thinks black people cannot thrive academically unless they alter the nature of knowledge so there is no objective truth, they are racist. They need to step back from their Woke protests against racism and look in the mirror, because the racist is them.

I would like to provide an example of how crazy this stuff is: From the "toolkit":

"White supremacy culture shows up in math classrooms when...

Teachers are teachers and students are learners.

Unique to mathematics is the idea that new learning comes from the teacher. Even when learning is connected to previous knowledge and experiences, the idea is often that teachers provide the learning and are in charge of disseminating new information"

Plato, that “white” (were ancient Greeks “white”?) guy who is often attributed as being one of the "fathers of philosophy"-- over 2000 years ago claimed that Socrates believed that our souls are immortal--and a proof that Socrates gives for that fact is that PEOPLE ARE BORN WITH MATHEMATICAL KNOWLEDGE THAT THEY ACQUIRED IN A PAST LIFE. He goes over an example of how a teacher can help a student "remember" mathematical knowledge. Obviously this contradicts this "toolkits" nonsensical claim that "white supremacy" encourages teachers to be "powerhoarding." As in Socrates' case, he isn't even a teacher.

There is a cult that is spreading its ideological nonsense around our country and it is receiving the patronage of state and federal *power*.

Anyway, I'm going to study some algorithms, because it requires diligent and intentional practice, and my work depends on me being *right* when I implement my code. Otherwise shit breaks. And I don't have the luxury of making my living off of being a neoracist activist peddling irrational nonsense on the dime of taxpayers. What I build actually has to have objective results that work, and no amount of post-modern irrationalizations on the subjectivity of truth will save my output from the cold scrutiny of reality.

I’d like to refer readers to an organization that is addressing this problem: https://1776unites.com/. I appreciate what their mission is, and I am happy to amplify the voice of black people who are actually reasonable.