Whiteness, according to the Church of the Awoken

If you were ever curious what "White Culture" is, we are fortunate to have an infographic from the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. If you are wondering about their authority and affiliation, you can be assured that Microsoft and Google both donated 1 million dollars to it and Barack Obama officiated at the opening ceremony. John Lewis, whose funeral brought a large crowd of Democrats together to honor his life, was the champion for the legislation that brought it to life. Indeed, tax payers contributed millions of dollars to it.

Behold the infographic -- this, my facebook friends, is Whiteness. And apparently it has even tragically affected people of color.

I'll set my satire aside now. It is really too grave of a display of racism to be treated only with satire. If you are curious about what the biggest contributor to the continued disparities in education and income is between the average poor black person and the average poor white person, one only needs to meditate on this infographic and the message it expresses toward black people. Many black people have unfortunately been cultivated to internalize the self-destructive ideology that "White Culture" should be shunned. Tragically, that poisonous ideology has made some black people feel the pursuit of rational truth a disgrace, industry to obtain their desires shameful, planning for the future and the individual pursuit of wealth through free markets sinful. It apparently has even made some black people not able to appreciate potatoes.

Want to know some adversities for black people today? Being called uncle ruckus for loving science. Being called an oreo for pursuing technical intellectual achievements, such as engineering or medicine. Being called a coon for honoring industriousness. Being called a house nigger for loving people because they are white no less or no more than loving people because they are black. All by people of your own race, who are supported by lots of powerful people of other races, including a lot of people from the race the people from your own race want you to shun especially.

Ironically, many white people who think they are most "anti-racist" are actually racist. They support organizations and people who preach the sick ideologies of "whiteness" to black people, infecting some of them with a culture that can destroy their lives and their communities. It is no surprise that the Democratic Party, the party that nursed the KKK, is now nursing an ideology of "whiteness", under the rhetorical illusion of anti-racism, that promotes, to black people, a self-destructive hatred of many universal human virtues. Objective reasoning is not a "white" virtue; it is a human virtue, some white people happen to ascribe to it, although clearly many white people do not, such as those white people who think the infographic is coherent.